• 1950March 25

    The overall state of general practice [in England] is bad and still deteriorating.
    Collings JS (1950)

    JS Collings’ survey of English general practice, funded by the Nuffield Trust, is published in The Lancet.

  • 1951April 21

    The new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hugh Gaitskell, proposes a one shilling (5p) prescription charge and new charges for dental treatments (chiefly dentures) and spectacles.

  • 1953

    The report, The work of nurses in hospital wards: Report of a job analysis, is published by the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust.

  • 1954

    A wide-ranging review of the role of general practice encourages the formation of independent GP group practices.

  • 1954

    The Bradbeer Committee publishes a report on the internal administration of hospitals for the Central Health Services Council.

  • 1956June

    Co-operation between general practitioners and health visitors... is lacking in many cases at the moment
    Arthur Blenkinsop MP (1956)

    The Jameson Working Party report on health visiting is published.

  • 1956July

    The Clean Air Act is enacted by Parliament in response to worsening air pollution in urban areas of the UK.

  • 1956December

    What is most needed at the present time is the prospect of a period of stability.
    RH Turton, Minister of Health (1956)

    The report of the Guillebaud Committee’s inquiry into the cost of the NHS is published. The report lays to rest many fears that the service is extravagant or cannot be afforded.

  • 1957

    Willink’s Report of the Committee to consider the future numbers of medical practitioners and the appropriate intake of medical students is published.

  • 1957June

    Patients who are fit to live in the community... should not be in large mental institutions
    Percy Commission (1957)

    The report of the Royal Commission on Mental Illness and Mental Deficiency, a response to widespread concern about the care of people with mental illness and the first step towards community care, is published.

  • 1959July

    The Mental Health Act replaces much of the existing legislation on the provision of mental health services in England, bringing the provision of mental health services within the general administrative machinery of the NHS for the first time.