• 1960

    The Report of the Royal Commission on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration is published.

  • 1961March 9

    Hospital building is not like pyramid building, the erection of memorials to endure to a remote posterity.
    Enoch Powell, Minister of Health (1961).

    Enoch Powell’s ‘Water Tower’ speech.

  • 1961July

    Image credit: Public Health Image Library, #8957, CDC/ Barbara Jenkins, NIOSH.

    The Human Tissue Act issues guidance on the use of the bodies of deceased persons for medical or educational research, stating that professionals must have no reason to believe that any surviving relatives object.

  • 1962

    This plan... will provide for patients... an environment which will challenge comparison with that available anywhere in the world.
    Enoch Powell, Minister of Health (1962)

    Enoch Powell’s Hospital Plan recommends the development of district general hospitals covering populations of around 125,000.

  • 1962

    We have concluded that in future one administrative unit should become the focal point for all the medical services of an appropriate area.
    Porritt Committee (1962)

    The Medical Services Review Committee’s final report (the Porritt Report) is published.

  • 1965March

    The Family Doctor's Charter asks for changes to make the provision of a good service easier, by subsidising premises and staffing and improving pay and working hours.

  • 1966

    I hope that [the Regulations] will mean the opening of a new chapter in the relationship between GPs and the NHS.
    Dr David Owen MP (1966)

    With falling GP morale, the negotiations on the Charter for General Practice provide financial incentives for practice development, plus substantial rewards.

  • 1967

    The Cogwheel Report examines the organisation of doctors in hospitals.

  • 1967October

    Image: David Steel MP. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, 2007 © S Punter.

    The Abortion Act legalises abortions up to 28 weeks’ gestation for all women, not only when the life of the mother is in danger as was previously the law.

  • 1968

    A community based and family oriented service, which will be available to all.
    Seebohm Report (1969)

    The Report of the Committee on Local Authority and Allied Personal Social Services is published.

  • 1968July 1

    The publication of Kenneth Robinson’s Green Paper, Administrative structure of the medical and related services in England and Wales, presages years of argument about the organisational structure of the NHS. A major issue throughout is the relationship between the NHS and local authorities, and health and social care.

  • 1968

    The Ministry of Health merges with the Ministry of Social Security to form the Department of Health and Social Security.