• 1970

    Our basic purposes are to unite the National Health Service and to integrate its separate services locally.
    Baroness Serota, Minister of State, Department of Health and Social Security (1970)

    Crossman re-writes Robinson’s proposals in the second Green Paper on the NHS.

  • 1971

    Our proposals for the new NHS offer a great, and indeed a new, opportunity for a partnership with local authorities.
    Sir Keith Joseph, Secretary of State for Social Services (1971)

    The Conservatives revise Crossman’s plan for reform following their election in 1970, with major management consultant involvement, coterminosity and consensus management being introduced.

  • 1972June

    Launch of the Cochrane report.

  • 1973July

    NHS reorganisation: after years of debate, structural changes are made in the NHS Reorganisation Act.

  • 1974

    The recommendations will certainly simplify the pay structure.
    British Medical Journal (1974)

    The Halsbury Committee on the pay and conditions of nurses and midwives awards pay increases of up to 40 per cent.

  • 1975

    The Merrison Report suggests that the General Medical Council (GMC) should become responsible for regulating postgraduate medical education and training and hold a list of all registered specialists and GPs. These recommendations are not implemented but the report does lead to the creation of the Education Committee of the GMC.

  • 1976

    Health care is for people and clearly the primary determinant of need must be the size of the population.
    Department of Health Resource Allocation Working Party (1976)

    Sharing resources for health in England: Report of the Resource Allocation Working Party is published.

  • 1978September

    Access to basic health care is affirmed as a fundamental human right in the Declaration of Alma-Ata, which leads to the World Health Assembly setting specific targets in the report Achieving health for all by 2000.

  • 1978

    The beginning of the ‘winter of discontent’.

  • 1979July

    Our proposals are designed... to bring health authorities closer to the people.
    Patrick Jenkin MP, (1979)

    A Conservative election victory, plus the Royal Commission on the NHS reports that while there are concerns that include an ageing population and the cost of technological developments, the NHS is in no danger of collapse.